A Simple Thank You Can Make the Difference

We are a little half way through the legislative session, and we want to thank some of the key legislators that have supported tax fairness so far. Please type in your name below and click submit to add your name to thank you letters that will be sent to the following legislators on Thursday, 3/16:

  • Senator Jill Tokuda (Ways and Means Chair)
  • Representative Sylvia Luke (Finance Chair)
  • Representative Aaron Johanson (House Bill Champion)
  • Senator Maile Shimabukuro (Senate Bill Champion)

What You Are Signing

When you submit your name through the form on this page, we will add you to all four letters, which will say the following:

Dear [Senator or Representative _______],

We are writing just to say thank you for your support of greater tax fairness in Hawai‘i by passing [HB 648 or SB 209] out of the [Finance or Ways and Means] committee and ensuring that it crossed over to the [Senate or House] [the letters to the bill champions will say “…by championing HB 648/SB 209 and ensuring that it crossed over to the Senate/House”]. It means a great deal to all of us and the many Hawai‘i families who are struggling to pay the rent and put food on the table. We know that in your position, you have many competing interests to consider and balance, which gives us an even greater appreciation for your efforts to bring balance to the tax system and reduce the state tax burdens on those who are struggling the most.

Mahalo from all of us!


[list of organizations]


[list of individuals]