There’s an overwhelming amount of data and logic behind the reforms being pushed by the HI Tax Fairness initiative. But it’s often stories that make or break change-seeking efforts. HI Tax Fairness is gathering stories to put faces to the issues–to provide compelling and tangible reasons why tax fairness reform is so important to Hawaii residents.

Sharing your story has the potential to make huge difference for the effort. We aren’t looking for anything in particular–just a variety of perspectives on people affected by tax fairness issues. What matters most is that we get a good number of stories together than we can use to advance the cause. At this point, these stories are likely to be the most powerful force in the campaign for tax fairness.

If you just want to share a few sentences, we will give you a call and do a quick interview to finish up the rest. Or give us five or six paragraphs, and we will edit it and get back to you. Before we publish anything, we will get your permission first.

Thank you!